Frozen foods: truths and lies - Tips on how to throw or melhor I give frozen food

Nearly 7 out of 10 households eat frozen food no less than once per week. These meals are presented as great candidates to replace and accompany fresh items. Even so, the high-quality from the frescoes is constantly assumed for being superior. Is it like that? Why are frozen ones more affordable? Do they get rid of properties, taste or texture? The following report solutions these queries, explains why the key to taste is in thawing and what exactly are the benefits of frozen meals.


5 queries about frozen foods

1. Around 70% of households consume frozen food a minimum of when a week, as outlined by a joint study ready from the Spanish Society of Dietetics and Food Sciences (SEDCA) plus the Confederation of Shoppers and Consumers (CECU). The financial and time conserving that the order of these meals supposes is the key trigger within the improve of their consumption, although these are nevertheless perceived like a worse excellent choice than fresh goods.


2. Are frozen meals "worse" than fresh ones? Yes and no. Processing a foods generally entails some alteration. The freezing, specifically, includes the loss of some of the organoleptic attributes within the foods. Yet, when the operation is carried out appropriately, these losses are minimal and hardly obvious. Frozen food items is usually kept for prolonged intervals, nevertheless they may also deteriorate when the fridge isn't ideal or if they're handled improperly. Within the case of fresh meals, the journey from collection to consumption may cause sizeable deterioration.


3. Why are they cheaper? In accordance with a well-known chain of frozen products, the lower cost is explained because the food presented for freezing is collected in instances of better supply or abundance, with which its rate is alot more cost-effective. These foods are frozen and stored in best condition and having a minimal price until eventually consumption.


4. Frozen ones, do they shed properties? The freezing practice hardly has an effect on the dietary content of your foods. Currently, the deep-freezing system is made use of, which in accordance with specialists guarantees 100% in the dietary articles. The food is frozen as rapidly as possible at temperatures that reach -40ºC. On this way, the nutritional properties and, also, the organoleptic characteristics (flavor, texture, colour and smell) are conserved. Even though the loss of nutrients is almost imperceptible, it will have to be remembered that there is always a threat of altering a number of its attributes. This facet isn't going to come about in fresh food items, though the reduction of nutrients which will be seasoned from when they are collected and prepared until eventually they may be consumed may perhaps be equal to or greater than the alterations in the course of freezing. Therefore, frozen foods safely and appropriately have nothing to envy the fresh.


5. Does the taste endure? Does it impact its texture? Fruits, veggies, fish, meat ... All foods have got to be frozen at their optimum time, not having alterations and below unbeatable disorders. For this reason, freezing takes place shortly just after harvesting, or processing, when they collect their finest dietary characteristics. The part of your freezing procedure is decisive in the ultimate consequence: an outstanding strategy ensures great attributes with the food, whilst terrible freezing supposes an important loss of nutrients, taste and texture. In this aspect, it's vital that you mention the homemade frozen. By not getting ample techniques in your house, the fresh food items that we freeze can drop dietary top quality, the unique taste and texture.


Defrosting, the key to a great taste

The meals that is definitely purchased frozen comes from the marketplace and, given that meticulous methods are utilized in this spot, the difference with fresh ones is barely perceptible. In actual fact, when the freezing operation is best, only a superb taster could appreciate any variation with fresh meals. Nevertheless, there is certainly a great deal of mistrust in the direction of frozen food items plus the shopper claims to discover variations in texture and taste. How is it explained?

•    The primary is from the thawing of meals and within the subsequent planning. The package guidelines need to be followed once the food is cooked. A malpractice can suppose the fast loss with the flavor, its dietary attributes and its texture.

•    Never hurry to thaw, simply because the last taste in the food will depend on it. The suggestions indicated around the containers have got to be followed and, during the situation of frozen food items from the buyer, they should be thawed very first inside the refrigerator then cooked.
It can be possible that frozen food won't reach our freezer in its optimum conditions, since throughout the journey the cold chain is usually broken and, within this situation, the qualities on the products are altered. Because of this it is advisable to leave to the finish the acquire on the frozen ones and area them in cold as soon as possible.

•    It may additionally occur that the freezing time is exceeded, that is, getting the foods for too extended within the freezer. Even though they remain safe there, its preferable not to exceed six months or possibly a yr, or even the period indicated from the container.

•    By freezing food ourselves, disorders as productive as in industrial freezing aren't accomplished, so that the good quality of foods will likely be reduced and losse.

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